Gap Year Companies

There are quite literally hundreds of different gap year companies out there, all offering different and exciting experiences throughout the world. From conservation in Africa through to American road trips, and from diving in Honduras through to dog-sledding in Canada, you’ll always be able to find something to suit you.

The problem though is that there’s often quite simply too much choice. After all, how do you know whether one game ranger scheme is better than another, or whether this company or that company has the best package for wannabe Australian travellers? Well, that’s why we are here! This site only recommends the very best gap year companies and their very best experiences, so you know that you’ll have the kind of gap year you’ve always dreamed of!

While we have loads of individual gap year programmes detailed on this site, you can also take a look at the list of companies below – companies we believe offer fantastic schemes and great value for all gap year travellers…

Real Gap

realgap-logoReal Gap have been around for ages, and offer trips throughout the world. They are quite possibly the leader in their field and one of the gap year companies we definitely recommend, regardless where you are planning on travelling to. They also offer tailor-made round the world tickets, which is great for anyone looking to get exactly what they want from their gap year, as well as loads of travel advice for potential travellers and their parents.


i-to-i-logoi-to-i are specialists in volunteering, with numerous schemes throughout the planet. They offer bountiful amounts of conservation and nature options, however they also have placements for those looking to help in the community, or teach English. In relation to teaching English, they also offer TEFL courses, which will help you find work abroad. They also offer a couple of professional internships, although these are only for those with specific interests in the fields. The TEFL opportunities are the stars here though, and the main reason we recommend this site.

Gap 360

gap-360-logoThis is a great site, offering fantastic support to those looking to travel for the first time. They have work schemes, volunteer opportunities and adventure gap years, and they take place in every corner of the globe. Prices at Gap 360 are also pretty reasonable, making it perfect for those trying to travel on a budget. They are highly recommended and that’s something we wouldn’t say unless we really liked them. The live chat option on their site is also pretty cool, although quite annoying when it pops up mid-way through browsing the site!

Xtreme Gap Year

xtreme-gap-logoIf you want to put some fun and adrenaline into your gap year, Xtreme Gap is the gap year company for you! They are specialists in providing trips featuring excitement and adventure, such as surfing, epic party trips and even working in shark conservation! Believe us when we say that this company caters for the most adventurous of travellers – if you want sedate trips through Western Europe, perhaps you should look elsewhere..? Keep checking back to, as they often have pretty good sales on some of their trips.

G Adventures

g-adventures-logoAny gap year company with “adventure” in its name is bound to be exciting, and G Adventures definitely live up to this assumption. What’s more, their site is an absolute joy to look through – that might seem like a small thing, but it just shows how professional they are! In addition to their professionalism, they also offer trips to some of the most far-flung places, including amazing Antarctic experiences. Looking for a gap year? You could do much worse than visiting G Adventures…

Raleigh International

raleigh-international-logoRaleigh International is a charity, working in some of the most far-flung areas of the world, including Tanzania, Malaysia and Nicaragua. They champion sustainable development and those volunteering with them will help local people to improve various aspects of their communities. You’ll meet volunteers from all over the world and really feel a sense of achievement when it’s time to leave. Also, you know that your money is going straight to a good cause…

STA Travel

sta-travel-logoJust because STA Travel is the last on this list, it doesn’t mean they were included as an afterthought. They are one of the biggest gap year companies around, and offer a massive variety of different gap years to loads of different people. If you’re looking for a big name with a great reputation, then look no further than STA Travel. They also offer things like flights and accommodation, so you can book everything in one go with them.

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