Capital City Buenos Aires
Population: 41,500,000
Currency: Argentine Peso ($)
Language: Spanish
Calling Code: +54

Thinking of a gap year in Argentina? Well, you certainly aren’t the only one. More and more intrepid backpackers are starting to wake up to the amazing travel opportunities this South American country offers, ranging from sprawling, modern cities like Buenos Aires, through to some of nature’s finest creations – you won’t find anything else in the world like Ushuaia! So, still thinking about a gap year in Argentina? You should be

Backpackers will love the sights and sounds of Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires. Cities don’t come more diverse, with South American and European influences intermingling to form a unique cultural melting pot. Make no mistake though – this is no Little Europe. It’s a city with a proud heritage, full of dancing, friendly people and the best steak in the world. Honestly – you’ve not eaten steak until you’ve sampled an Argentinian cut. Argentina isn’t limited to Buenos Aires though, as there’s a massive amount to see and do outside of the capital city.

Ushuaia, the most southerly city in the world, is a really popular place for travelers to visit. Penguins, adrenaline sports and spectacular vistas combine to create a place unlike any other – a place you’ll never forget. And if you fancy a trip to even colder climates, it’s also the jumping off point for many Antarctic-bound ships. It doesn’t stop with Ushaia though, as you’ve also got the marvels of Iguazu Falls, the sprawling Patagonian plains and the huge cattle farms with real South American gauchos. But you can find your own favourites here, and there are so many to choose from…

Working in Argentina

Travellers in Argentina won’t find a huge amount of paid work awaiting them. Those who do manage to find work though – with the most popular option being teaching English – will find the wages to be good, thanks to Argentina’s status as South America’s second richest country. Who really wants to work while on a gap year in Argentina though, when there is so much to see and do there? Volunteering options are also available, although other South American countries do have more.

Where Next?

Argentina borders a number of countries, making onward travel a real possibility. Chile lies west, and makes a really unique addition to any gap year. More popular though is the journey over the border to Brazil, South America’s largest and arguably most vibrant country. For a real taste of South America though, Bolivia is the way to go. But it’s up to you – after all, the world is full of exciting possibilities!

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