Religion in the USA

church in the USA

The USA is an incredibly diverse country when it comes to religion, and you will find all of the world’s major religions practised within its borders. Officially, however, the US is a Christian country, and this religion makes up the largest percentage (73% of Americans consider themselves to be Christian). Of course, Christianity comes in many different forms though, and how fervent the belief depends on the area of the country you visit. For example, the southern states are home to some incredibly God-fearing people (63% of Mississippi citizens attend church every week), while more liberal areas are much more relaxed about the question of religion.

Islam is another religion in the USA practised by millions of people, and is one of the fastest growing religions in the country. Despite the media coverage of tensions between Muslims and Christians in the USA, this rarely manifests itself and Muslim travellers will be comfortable in the cities of the USA. There are also plenty of mosques in every city open to all Muslims. There are also many restaurants offering halal food to Muslim customers.

Judaism is also prevalent in the USA, with large Jewish communities in cities such as New York and Chicago. There are synagogues found in every city and kosher food can be found easily. The percentage of Jewish people in the USA is falling though, mainly due to immigration and also a larger number of people now declaring themselves to be atheist/agnostic.

When visiting any country, it is vitally important that religious beliefs are respected. When in a country like the USA though, which has so many different religions, how can a traveller remain respectful at all times? The answer is simple: behave as you would at home, and don’t deliberately offend someone on religious grounds.

In the USA, there are many different religious gap year opportunities offered, with many of them involving working at Christian camps, teaching kids sport and religion. Why not take a look at the USA gap year programmes on this site to see if any take your fancy?

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