Capital City Washington, D.C.
Population: 316,000,000
Currency: Dollar ($)
Language: English
Calling Code: +1

A gap year in the USA will mean something different to everyone. Whether you are looking to head to the beautiful and tranquil mountains of Montana, or to the hedonistic casinos of Las Vegas, you’ll find a gap year in the USA will fill you with memories for the rest of your life! What’s more, we have a comprehensive selection of different American gap years right here on this site, so you’ll find something perfect for you

When it comes to gap years, there are loads of options available to you. Perhaps you want to make the ultimate road trip along Route 66, or maybe you’d rather work for a while in a kids’ camp in Florida? Or perhaps a quick stopover in the LA is all you need, with enough time to take in Hollywood and everything else this cosmopolitan city offers. Whatever you want, you’ll find it on a gap year in the USA – so stop waiting and book your ultimate trip today! If you want some ideas though, check out our section on things to do in the USA.

Working in the USA

Many people choose to work in the USA while on a gap year, mainly thanks to the varied opportunities and the reasonably good wages (although not as good as many places in Europe). A J1 visa is the perfect choice for most, as it allows temporary work and travel. Summer camps are a good bet for work, but there are also opportunities in ski camps and other parts of the hospitality industry. Don’t be tempted to take work if you don’t have a visa though, as the authorities will come down hard on you. It is also the case that you’ll generally have to sort out your employment before arriving in the country, which does require some prior planning.

Where Next?

The US is also perfectly located for anyone on a round the world trip, having great connections to the entire world. When you are finished your American adventure, you can hop on a plane and fly over to Europe, or perhaps continue south and head through to Mexico, and then South America. It’s not even unrealistic to head directly from the West Coast over to Australasia, although you are missing a massive chunk of the world if you do! Basically, however, the rule is simple: from the USA, you can get absolutely anywhere!


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