Capital City Ottawa
Population: 35,500,000
Currency: Canadian Dollar (C$)
Language: English, French
Calling Code: +1

If you love the sound of desolate wilderness, with pristine forests and shimmering rivers, a gap year in Canada should be at the top of your list. If you aren’t a nature lover though, don’t despair: Canada also has some of the world’s most exciting cities too, perfect for culture-vultures and party-goers alike. Ask anyone who’s been to Canada what they think of the country, and you are almost certain to get two thumbs up and the exclamation that they want to return very soon!

When it comes to North America, Canada is very much the quiet one – the neighbour to the more vocal and opinionated USA. Does that mean it has nothing to do though? Not in the least! First and foremost, it has some of the most amazing natural scenery on the entire planet. From the snow-covered northern parts of Manitoba – where many polar bears are found – through to the spectacular sight of the Rockies rising above you, there’s a natural wonder around every corner here. Don’t forget the lush expanses of forest though, nor the long, unspoilt coastline, which is home to a whole variety of sea creatures, including whales.

City lovers will gravitate towards Vancouver, which is widely believed to be one of the nicest cities in the world. If your tastes are more Gallic though, why not head over to Quebec instead, and see the French-speaking part of Canada – most will find themselves in the historic city of Montreal, a UNESCO City of Design. There are also Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton and Winnipeg to explore, amongst others.

Working in Canada

If you are looking to work for a while when in Canada, there are various options open to you. Just be sure to follow the correct procedures though – namely getting a visa – otherwise the implications could be severe. The most popular way to work is by getting an International Experience Canada visa. Holders can than work in any industry they please, however most end up working at ski resorts, or in bars in the major cities. Internships and work experience are also often found in Canada.

Where Next?

Canada is, as most people know, the neighbour of the USA. This means that, once you are finished exploring Canada’s treasures, it is easy to head over the border and begin an American adventure. Many people also jump aboard a plane and head over to Europe after their gap year in Canada, with France and the UK being the most popular destinations. If you’re feeling really adventurous, why not head north and into Alaska? Whatever you choose to do though, it will have to be special in order to top the experiences you’ll have while in the beautiful and friendly country of Canada

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