Gap Year in Jordan


Capital City Amman
Population: 6,500,000
Currency: Jordanian dinar (JD)
Language: Arabic
Calling Code: +962

Jordan, sandwiched mainly between Israel and Saudi Arabia, is an incredibly popular destination for travellers to the Middle East, yet also a place not even thought about by others. For those in the latter category, they are missing out. Jordan is a country steeped in culture and amazing natural scenery – plus it is a stamp in your passport that most others will never have! And then there’s the people, who are some of the most welcoming and hospitable found anywhere on the planet.

Perhaps the best known site in the whole of the country is the ancient city of Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site showcasing some of the most amazing architecture found anywhere in the world. Buildings are cut into the rose coloured stone and are preserved in incredible detail, offering awe-inspiring scenes and a portal back through time. But Petra isn’t the only thing that should bring you for a gap year in Jordan, as there’s so much more to this country.

The vast landscape of Wadi Rum sits to the east of Aqaba, and never fails to draw gasps of amazement from those visiting. Amman, the capital city, is considered one of the most western cities in the Arab world, and provides a unique city experience for any backpacker prepared to delve deep. And then there’s the Dead Sea, where you can float on the salty waters and visit the famous hot springs. Make sure you set aside lots of time for a gap year to Jordan, as there’s always something new to explore just around the corner…

Working in Jordan

Unless you speak Arabic, job opportunities are very limited in Jordan, unless you want to take the route of teaching English – a popular choice throughout the world for many travellers with the prerequisite qualifications. For this, Amman is the best choice, as it is by far the largest city in the country. As with most countries, there are volunteering opportunities in Jordan, although not as many as some other Middle Eastern countries.

Where Next?

Jordan borders Israel, and as such provides the perfect chance to visit this controversial, yet incredibly interesting, country. Other Middle Eastern options include Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Many choose to head through to northern Africa, with Egypt being a popular choice, while others hop aboard a plane and head through to Europe, and some of the world’s greatest cities.

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