Gap Year in Bahrain


Capital City Manama
Population: 1,350,000
Currency: Bahraini Dinar (.د.ب)
Language: Arabic
Calling code: +973

Bahrain is a nation of islands, which explains it name – Bahrain literally translate as “Two Seas”. While it might take some getting used to, anyone heading on a gap year in Bahrain will soon find that this is a country with loads to offer. Sure, you probably won’t find enough to do to keep you there for a whole year, but anyone travelling through the Middle East should definitely make Bahrain one of their stops.

The real star of Bahrain isn’t located in the towns and cities though – it’s the water lapping up against its shores. Diving is a popular activity for many visitors – although Bahrain hasn’t yet gained the recognition afforded to other major diving resorts – plus you’ll be able to relax on one some stunning beaches as the water laps over your feet. If you spend all your time in the water you might get slightly wrinkly though, so lucky there are plenty of other things to do as well…

Bahrain has the perfect balance of cultural treasures and places to simply have fun. One day you can head to the Qalat al Bahrain, before then whizzing around the Bahrain International Karting Circuit. And the next you could visit the Bahrain National Museum, before then heading to the superb Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park. If you have the money, there’s also plenty of high-end shops to browse through, with all the designer brands you could wish for. Most people will have to make do with window shopping though. So, there’s loads to do in this small country, so why not have a gap year in Bahrain, or at least a few days?

Working in Bahrain

Options for temporary work in Bahrain aren’t too widespread, and quite frankly you probably won’t be in Bahrain long enough to require a job. Volunteering options are pretty slim as well, particularly as most volunteer posts require you to be a resident of the country. So, just enjoy Bahrain and don’t think about the stresses of working!

Where Next?

Bahrain is connected to Saudi Arabia by a causeway, making it the obvious place for travellers to head to after they’ve finished exploring. Iran is only a short hop to the north as well, and is a country that’s fast becoming a popular place for backpackers. If you fancy visiting another tiny country, Qatar is just to the south, while the United Arab Emirates are also quite close by. So, Bahrain is the perfect place to include in your Middle Eastern adventure!

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