Gap Year in Afghanistan


Capital City Kabul
Population: 32,500,000
Currency: Afghani (؋)
Language: Pashto, Dari

If you are thinking about a gap year in Afghanistan, you’re certainly the kind of person who likes to really live on the edge. While most people are thinking about travelling around Australia, or trekking through Peru, you’re thinking about heading into a country that’s been ravaged by war, and has an incredibly poor infrastructure. Unfortunately though, because of the problems in the country, you’ll probably need to put your plans on hold for a bit though, as it simply isn’t safe.

Of course, if you do choose to head on a gap year in Afghanistan, you’ll need to do lots of planning. There are some areas of the country that are a real no-go – such as the borders with Pakistan and Iran – while the FCO advises against all but essential travel elsewhere. These warnings are all due to the very real threat of terrorist attacks, which occur on an almost weekly basis.

There’s no doubting that there are some amazing sights in Afghanistan though, which very traveller would love to see. These include two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which are both classified as being under threat. Every other country in the world has amazing sights too though, so why not take them in first, before travelling to Afghanistan once it’s safer? We don’t ever want to dissuade people from travelling, but we can’t encourage anyone to put their safety in danger by travelling to Afghanistan! Instead, why not travel to some of the countries around Afghanistan, such as Turkmenistan or Kazakhstan?

Working in Afghanistan

It won’t surprise you to hear that there are no holiday camps, bars or farms for you to work on in Afghanistan. If you really, really want to visit the country though, you might be able to find a position with a charity, possibly teaching English. These are few and far between though, and many other countries in the area are much safer to teach in.

Where Next?

If you do travel to Afghanistan, you’ll find the road onwards has many directions, and you could head to all manner of exciting places. There’s the “Stans” to the north – such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan – while there’s also Iran to the west, which is a stunning country to visit. Both India and China are not too far away either. But why not start in one of these countries instead, and not risk Afghanistan in the first place?,

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