The Middle East is home to a plethora of wonders, from ancient cities through to ultra-modern metropolises, and from barren deserts through to spectacular oceans. Many people don’t consider a gap year in the Middle East when looking at destinations, and they are making a big mistake. Sure, the area has had its hotspots over the years, but with some careful planning there is no reason why a gap year in the Middle East should be anything other than safe.

So why do some gappers choose the Middle East though? That’s easy to answer – it’s the masses of sights and things to do that brings them there. In the Middle East, amongst other things, you’ll find:

  • The stunning modernity of Dubai
  • The extraordinary Persipolis in Iran
  • The religious cities of Jerusalem and Mecca
  • The Red Sea
  • The ancient city of Petra, in Jordan

These are all places that will stay in the memory for the rest of your life – and places that most other gap year travellers won’t have thought to visit. And behind all of these great places hide stories about the people and the history – stories that will widen your understanding of a region often in the news, but that people don’t usually fully comprehend.

When you arrive in the Middle East, the first thing you’ll notice – after the heat – is the people. The people of the Middle East are some of the warmest and friendliest around, full of joy that you’ve come to visit their part of the world. Their markets will fill your senses with sounds and smells you’ll remember forever, while their hospitality will mean that you’ll never be without a friend in any Middle Eastern country.

Of course, you don’t have to spend your whole gap year in the Middle East though, as it is perfectly placed to:

  • Make the short flight to east India
  • Head towards Africa and everything that it offers
  • Take a sojourn through Europe via many unexplored Eastern European treasures

At Total Gap Year, we love to encourage gappers to head out of their comfort zone, and visit areas of the world that are not as well-trodden as the usual gap year haunts. If this sounds like something you want to do, the Middle East is the perfect starting point to your gap year adventure.

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