Gap Year in Ireland


Capital City Dublin
Population: 4,500,000
Currency: Euro (€)
Language: English, Gaelic
Calling Code +353

If you’re looking for pubs, clubs and a lot of fun, then a gap year in Ireland could be for you! From lush green landscapes to lively cities, Ireland is an island with a lot to offer. Better yet, speaking English makes it both easy to get around and gives you better chances of finding a job. One thing is certain; you won’t be bored for a minute during your gap year in Ireland. From the famous Blarney Stone to the picturesque Ring of Kerry to the Cliffs of Moher, you can spend the whole year there and there’ll still be more to see!

A small, friendly capital, Dublin welcomes visitors and locals alike with its lively music spilling out of every pub. The National Museum and Trinity College are worth a visit, but you’ll probably spend most of your time getting to know the locals. Cork is also a popular destination, with locals often referring to it as the ‘real capital’ of Ireland. With its attractive waterfront, yet more pubs, shops and now, a new trend for coffee shops on every corner, you’ll have plenty to do in Cork. Galway is much smaller, but well-known for its creative, bohemian spirit, leading to some excellent parties!

Outside the main cities, rural Ireland is tangibly beautiful. Connemara on the west coast is known for its National Park, Aughananure Castle and Sky Road which can be walked or cycled. Doolin is the epicentre of traditional Irish music which sings of its cliffs and sea. Dingle Town is as quaint as it is cosmopolitan, and still an active fishing port. Glendalough – the valley of the two lakes – will furnish your eyes with the most stunning scenery you can catch inland. Atop a lush green hill, the Rock of Cashel is home to a 13th century gothic cathedral and even older Romanesque chapel.

Working in Ireland

Whilst English will give you a significant advantage, the job market in Ireland still hasn’t truly recovered from the recession, though it is growing. You should be able to find seasonal work, or casual work in the hospitality sector without too much trouble. If you’re looking for something more stimulating, then Dublin is fast becoming one of the new digital hotspots in Europe, with plenty of new jobs in IT, software engineering and other tech-related subjects.

Where Next?

If you didn’t already make it there during your gap year in Ireland, then Northern Ireland is the obvious choice! Other than that, Ireland is in pretty much the same position as the United Kingdom in terms of onwards travel. This means that it’s possible to get to anywhere from Ireland, so the world really is your oyster!

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