Health in France


Pack of pillsWhen it comes to your health in France, there really isn’t much to worry about at all. It’s one of the richest and most developed countries on the planet, and as such there are no specific health threats, and the health system is incredibly good. If you do find yourself in trouble though, you should call the emergency number, which is 112.

As is the case when travelling anywhere, health insurance is a must, as it will prevent huge bills for any medical treatment that’s needed. A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) can also be obtained, which will entitle the bearer to certain medical procedures. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a suitable replacement for insurance though – it isn’t.


There are no specific immunisations needed to ensure your health in France. You should, of course, ensure that your standard immunisations are up to date though, just as you would for everyday life at home. These include tetanus and hepatitis B. That’s all there really is to say about immunisations in France! Of course, if you’re planning onward travel from France though, ensure that you’ve got your vaccinations sorted for the next destination before you leave home.

Medical Care in France

France’s medical system is top notch, and anyone needing medical care will be treated exceedingly well. Travellers will find that medical facilities are available throughout the country, although as with everywhere they lessen when getting further from the main towns and cities. Just in case you do need medical help, make sure you carry your insurance certificate and EHIC with you at all times, and let any friends/relatives travelling with you know you’ve got them.

Dental Services

There are loads of dentists throughout France, all operating at an incredibly high standard. To find a dentist, click here. An EHIC card might cover you for dental treatment, however you’ll still have to pay up-front and then claim back the cost. You should also check to see whether your travel insurance provides cover for dental work.


If you need regular medication, you should make sure you bring enough with you to take for your entire trip, plus a little extra in case of emergencies. Make sure these prescriptions are in their original packaging, so as to avoid any confusion when entering the country. If you do run out of medication, you’ll need to visit a doctor and obtain a prescription from them, which can then be taken to a pharmacy. Remember that the same drugs you normally use might not be available, so be prepared to receive different ones – don’t worry though, as French doctors are highly trained and will know how best to treat you.

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