Gap Year in Belgium


Capital City Brussels
Population: 11,000,000
Currency: Euro (€)
Language: Dutch, French, German
Calling Code +32

Belgium might not be seen as the most glamorous place in Europe, and it probably isn’t at the top of most people’s lists when it comes to choosing a place to spend their gap year. But why not? Despite its small size, Belgium is a place crammed full of things to do, places to see and people to meet – and what more can you ask for from a gap year? So, could a gap year in Belgium be the perfect choice for you?

The cities of Belgium – especially Brussels and Bruges – are great places to base yourself, with loads of hostels and plenty of things to do. What’s more, the nightlife is amazing, ranging from cool bars all the way through to massive clubs! Brussels is full of culture and great food (make sure you try moules et frites), while Bruges is the place to go for a good time. Considering the country’s reputation for great beer, you should always be able to have a good time in Belgium though!

It’s not just big cities that attract visitors to Belgium though. Historical sites from the two world wars dot the landscape at every turn; small villages with great personalities are found throughout the country; and backpackers will love the friendly vibes that the country constantly exudes. So, why not choose a gap year in Belgium? There’s more to do than you might think…

Working in Belgium

If you are an EU resident, working in Belgium is easy – you’ll be able to apply for any job you want. But what sorts of jobs are open to those on a gap year in Belgium? Well, most backpackers will choose to work in bars or teaching English, or possibly as an au pair or in the country’s tourist industry. There are also volunteering opportunities for those visiting the country, although these aren’t too widespread.

Where Next?

Belgium is the perfect starting point for a European adventure. Backpackers can head south into France, or north towards the Netherlands. Or how about venturing into Germany, and seeing everything this country offers? The best way to get around is with an Interrail pass, which will allow you to easily travel throughout many countries in Europe.

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