Europe: it’s where the gap year all began. Things are slightly different now though, as you won’t find hordes of rich gentlemen on jollies around Italy, complete with expensive automobiles and extravagant tastes. Instead, you’ll find thousands and thousands of travellers all looking to experience Europe from unique angles.

When it comes to history and culture, Europe has the world beaten. From museums to art galleries, and monuments to food, Europe is perhaps the place to be. Just imagine being able to sample all these things while on your leisurely sojourn through Europe:

  • The ancient monument of Stonehenge
  • Paris’ multitude of art galleries
  • Munich’s Oktoberfest
  • The Northern Lights in Scandinavia
  • Genuine Italian cooking in Rome
  • The history and culture of Greece
  • The laid back and relaxed atmosphere of Amsterdam

Of course, there’s much more than above though, and the real fun of a gap year is finding your own amazing experiences. Perhaps you’ll even be kind enough to share them with us when you get back home?

There are so many different ways to see Europe too, and it really doesn’t have to cost a huge amount of money – after all, funds are often stretched enough on a gap year! Some great ways to travel round the continent are:europe

  • Inter-railing
  • Budget airlines – prices are sometimes rock bottom
  • Coaches
  • Public transport in cities (always cheaper than a cab)
  • Sharing transport with other travellers

You’ll also find a massive number of ways to make accommodation affordable in Europe too. Stay away from the pricey hotels (even some hostels are on the expensive side), and perhaps try WOOFING instead, or jumping on to see who has a spare sofa for the night. Europe might look expensive, but there are ways to make everything more affordable…

So, whether you want a tour through Eastern Europe, to experience the night-life of London, or a relaxing trip through the South of France, we’ll be here for you, with information, tips and ideas about every single country in this continent. After all, we couldn’t neglect the continent that started the whole gap year craze, could we?

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