Capital City Tegucigalpa
Population: 8,000,000
Currency: Lempira (L)
Language: Spanish
Calling Code: +504

Honduras is everything you could hope for from Central America, however it still doesn’t get the recognition it deserves from backpackers. With both Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, fantastic scenery and amazing people, Honduras should be included in every intrepid traveller’s list of must-see places in this part of the world. So, why not read through our section on a gap year in Honduras and see if we can persuade you to head to this often ignored Central American country?

So, what can Honduras offer you? Well, let’s start with the coast, and the beautiful water surrounding it. Along the coast you’ll find surfing spots, beautiful beaches and vibrant communities, as well as some of the most picturesque scenery you’re ever likely to see. Nature also comes in many forms along both of Honduras’ coastlines, with marine creatures such as dolphins, turtles and manatees all found swimming in the pristine water. A gap year in Honduras has everything a beach-lover could possible ask for.

It’s not all beaches and relaxation in Honduras though, as there’s plenty more to see and do. Rainforests, cloud forests and mountain ranges can all be found in the interior, as can some impressive Mayan structures, including Copan, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. History and natural beauty stand side by side here, offering visitors the chance to marvel at every turn. The capital Tegucigalpa, usually referred to as Tegus, is also a great place to explore, with colonial buildings and great traditional Honduran food – including the delicious tamale. Honduras has it all, so don’t discount it from your gap year adventure!

Working in Honduras

Like many countries, there is a large demand for English speakers willing to teach, either privately or in schools. Those with the relevant qualifications should be able to find paid work, and therefore top up their finances while also enjoying this great country. There are numerous volunteering schemes in Honduras, including some really exciting marine conservation projects . Working with children in the larger towns and cities is also something that many people on a gap year in Honduras choose to do.

Where Next?

Honduras is placed right in the centre of a number of Central American countries, each with their own charms and attractions. It borders Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala, while other Central American countries – including Belize and Costa Rica – are only a short plane journey away. Further afield, you’ll find South American countries easy to get, plus there are loads of flights heading to numerous cities in the USA. You won’t want to leave Honduras any time soon though…

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