Gap Year in Barbados


Capital City Bridgetown
Population: 275,000
Currency: Barbadian Dolar ($)
Language: English, Bajan
Calling Code +1 246

The Caribbean is one of the most stunning areas on the planet, and Barbados is one of its jewels. It’s therefore perhaps surprising that not many people choose a gap year in Barbados, but why not? After all, this is a country with great weather, stunning beaches and loads of things to do – as well as one of the most relaxed paces of life anywhere on earth! So, shouldn’t you be considering a gap year in Barbados?

The hub of Barbados is its capital, Bridgetown – and this is a city that everyone should experience at least once. It really does have everything, from stunning colonial buildings through to an amazing party scene, and from sublime places to eat through to loads of interesting places to visit. You’ll be beguiled by its charm and vibrancy, as well as by the happy, smiling people living there. You probably won’t want to leave, but when you do, there’s loads of other things to keep you entertained on this great island…

Thanks to it being an island, you’ll probably spend much of your time in the beautiful Caribbean water while on a gap year in Barbados. You’ll be able to see some spectacular underwater sights when you go SCUBA diving, and even just some snorkelling will let you see a stunning underwater world. Then you can relax on one of the island’s many beaches, which really do live up to their reputation…

Working in Barbados

You aren’t going to be able to find a huge amount of work opportunities in Barbados, unless you get lucky when approaching one of the diving schools or yachts on the island. Volunteering opportunities are very scarce too. But once you get to Barbados, you really won’t feel like working, as you’ll much prefer relaxing on the beach or in the water instead!

Where Next?

You won’t want to leave Barbados, but you’ll have to at some point. Don’t worry though, as there are loads of other amazing Caribbean islands to discover, all of which are easily accessible. Antigua and Barbuda; the Bahamas; Trinidad and Tobago – all allow you to continue your Caribbean adventure. Or why not head to Cuba, or perhaps delve into South America or the USA? There are loads of options for onward travel when you finish your gap year in Barbados!

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