Gap Year in Antigua and Barbuda


Capital City Saint John’s
Population: 91,000
Currency: East Caribbean Dollar ($)
Language: English
Calling Code +1 268

Forget trekking around South America or working on a farm in Australia – how about relaxing in the beautiful Caribbean instead? Sure, it might not be the typical gap year experience, but not everyone is typical, are they? Right in the middle of the chain of Caribbean islands, Antigua and Barbuda isn’t the most commonly visited country in the area, however there’s absolutely loads to keep every visitor entertained – although most will prefer to spend most of their time on the beach instead…

While the islands are small in area, the amount of things to do is vast. If you love the water, you’ll be spoilt for choice, as the pristine waters offer loads of diving and snorkelling; the nightlife throughout the islands is vibrant; and there’s loads for history buffs to take in. Strangely, there’s also a mountain on the island named after Barack Obama – definitely worth a visit, just to say you’ve been there! If you prefer more vibrant areas, head to Antigua; if you like peaceful and beautiful places, Barbuda is the perfect choice. Even better though, why not head to them both?

There’s one thing that really makes Antigua and Barbuda great though: the people. You’ll be hard pressed to find a country with more friendly and welcoming people, and every second on these islands should be a joy. They know how to cook as well, so you’ll get some amazing food – which is always a nice addition to any trip! So, what are you waiting for? Do something different and head on a gap year in Antigua and Barbuda!

Working in Antigua and Barbuda

If you are hoping to find a job while on a gap year in Antigua and Barbuda, you probably won’t have too much luck. You might be able to find some casual work around the island, but the opportunities won’t be too plentiful. There aren’t many volunteering opportunities on the islands either. But why would you want to work when visiting Antigua and Barbuda though? Surely you’d rather spend time on the beach instead, wouldn’t you?

Where Next?

If you’re in Antigua and Barbuda, you really shouldn’t miss out on island hopping your way through the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba – all are easily reachable and shouldn’t be missed if you get the chance. Of course, you can also easily take a flight over to the USA or South America if you want to as well. Don’t rush to leave Antigua and Barbuda though – there’s more to see and do than you might imagine…

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