Central America might not be the biggest, but it certainly has more than enough to keep an intrepid traveller busy for a lifetime. From beautiful islands through to bustling cities – and everything in between – a gap year in Central America has something for everyone, plus a little bit more too! We think that everyone on a gap year should experience the joys of Central America, which is why we devote so much time to bringing you as much information as possible about this thin sliver of land sandwiched between North and South America…

But what exactly is there to do in the many small countries dotting Central America (plus the rather large Mexico)? Here’s just a few ideas to whet your appetite…

  • Learn to dive in the crystal clear waters of Honduras
  • See the colonial charms of Havana
  • Party through to the early hours in Montezuma, Costa Rica
  • Visit the Chichen Itza in Mexico, one of the “New Seven Wonders of the World”
  • Swim with dolphins in the Caribbean Sea
  • Take Spanish lessons in, well, any of the Central American countries
  • Explore the Costa Rican rainforests

Is this not enough for you? If not, check out the individual pages for each country, while you’ll find lists of the 15 best things to do in each of them – we’re pretty sure this will encourage you to take the plunge and book your trip to Central America!

Perhaps the biggest draw to Central America though is that it can provide a whistle-stop tour through many different countries. With most of the countries in the continent measuring just a few hundred miles across, it is possible to drive through them in a few days each. Of course, we don’t recommend seeing them through a car window though – take some time, and explore everything that these places have to offer.

Once you are finished with your time in Central America – and you probably won’t ever want to leave – the options for onwards travel are really exciting. You can head south and explore the amazing continent of South America, or continue your journey northwards, into the traveller’s paradise that is the USA. Wherever you go though, you’ll never forget the people, places and sights of Central America

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