Capital City Canberra
Population: 23,500,000
Currency: Australian dollar (A$)
Language: English
Calling Code: +61

Thinking about a gap year in Australia? Well, you aren’t alone, as every single year thousands upon thousands of people head Down Under to explore the country, work on Outback ranches, catch the surf and generally soak up the Australian lifestyle! We’ve got all the info you need to plan your Australia gap year, as well as a whole heap of jobs and volunteering opportunities for you to pick from. You’ll love this exciting and interesting country, so get your passport out and book those tickets today!

The length of time you spend in Australia is really up to you. Some travellers simply stop there for a couple of weeks, while others choose to base themselves there for a year, or sometimes longer. It all depends whether you get caught by the buzz and excitement of this traveller’s paradise, or whether you get itchy feet and decide to move on, perhaps to New Zealand or across the Pacific to South America. With open ended flights and excellent round the world options from many companies, it makes no sense to plan on staying in this country for a set amount of time…

So, what is there to do while on a gap year in Australia? Well, the answer is simple: absolutely loads! We’ve got a list of the best things to do in Australia right on this site, but if we had to pick one highlight, it would be the whole city of Sydney. You’ll likely spend a large amount of time in Australia’s largest city, but you’ll never get bored. There’s vibrant nightlife, famous sights (such as the Opera House and Harbour Bridge), perfect beaches and some spectacular surfing. If you only get to visit one place in Australia, Sydney is the place to go!

Working in Australia

Australia is also a great place to head in order to replenish your finances while travelling around the world, as there are loads of jobs there for travellers. These range from fruit picking through to bar work – they might not be the best paid, but they really allow you to get under the skin of antipodean life. Getting an Australian visa is usually pretty easy, and it will usually allow you to work for a year. You never know, you might end up landing the job of your dreams and never leaving…

Where Next?

Australia might not be particularly close to most other popular gap year destinations, but its great transport links mean that travellers can easily incorporate it into their itinerary. Most travellers will take the chance to head over to New Zealand, and many will also find themselves in South-East Asia at some point. It is also the perfect place to fly off to the picture-perfect Pacific islands, such as Fiji.

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