Gap Year in Bhutan


Capital City Thimphu
Population: 740,000
Currency: Bhutanese ngultrum (Nu.)
Language: Dzongkha
Calling Code +975

If you decide on a gap year in Bhutan, you’ll find yourself visiting the only country in the world that measures the Gross National Happiness of its people! That should be enough to put a smile on your face already! But there’s much more to this landlocked Himalayan country than this though, as every backpacker will find out. So, why not make a gap year in Bhutan the next thing on your travel wish list?

Before saying anything else, it’s important to debunk the following myth: that visitors have to pay a fee of $200 per day when in the country. While this fee does exist, it covers everything you’ll need to pay for – accommodation, food, a guide – and therefore Bhutan isn’t as expensive as it first seems. Of course, it is still more expensive than many other places though, so perhaps it’s only an option for travellers with a bit more expendable in income!

But Bhutan does offer a huge amount for the money. You’ll find unspoilt natural landscapes, stunning Buddhist monasteries, amazing mountains, an abundance of wildlife, and a completely unique culture. And then there’s the people. You’ll find those living in Bhutan to be some of the friendliest in the world, ready to welcome you into their amazing country. So, if you can afford it, why not plan a gap year in Bhutan today?

Working in Bhutan

There’s no chance of finding work when visiting Bhutan, and why would you want to, considering you’ll be paying $200 a day while there? A number of international organisations operate in Bhutan though, and finding voluntary positions with them is sometimes an option. Bhutan is definitely not the easiest place in Asia to volunteer though, so those looking to find a volunteering position might want to try a different country instead.

Where Next?

When you’ve finished your time in Bhutan, there are plenty of options for onwards travel. India – one of the most popular backpacking destinations in the world – is to the south, while the wonders of China await you to the north. Nepal is also reasonably close by, and many backpackers will vouch for how amazing this country is!

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