Gap Year in Azerbaijan


Capital City Baku
Population: 9,500,000
Currency: Manat (Azeri manat symbol.svg)
Language: Azerbaijani
Calling Code +994

Azerbaijan, which sits on the Caspian Sea, is a relatively new country, but one that offers loads to every single backpacker heading there. A gap year in Azerbaijan will allow travellers to flit seamlessly between the modern, cosmopolitan side of the country and a traditionally rural way of life – a sure sign that this is a country currently undergoing massive change. It might not be the most popular gap year destination in the world, but who cares? Don’t you want to be able to tell people of your travels to unusual and interesting places?

A gap year in Azerbaijan will probably start in the capital, Baku, which is a bustling city on the Caspian coast. Here you’ll find a UNESCO listed ancient city, surrounded by modern developments. You’ll also find loads of things to do, from cultural attractions through to great food, and you’ll even discover a surprisingly good party scene! Once you’ve explored Baku though, you’ll want to head out and see the real Azerbaijan

Getting out of Baku will reveal stunning landscapes and a much different way of life. You’ll be able to marvel at the stunning Caucasus Mountains; wander through countless villages; and slow down away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Be prepared to not see too many other travellers around when you head into the country, however you’ll find the people of Azerbaijan to be extremely welcoming, albeit slightly curious to see a foreigner so far from Baku! So, a gap year in Azerbaijan – it’s something different, and something everyone should consider!

Working in Azerbaijan

Want to find work in Azerbaijan? There’s probably not much point in looking, as there’s not much for travellers to do. The only option might come in the bigger cities, where some families could be willing to pay you to teach English to their children. There are chances to volunteer in the country though, and many of these opportunities involve working with children – Azerbaijan still has a large number of underprivileged children who need your help.

Where Next?

Azerbaijan is really well placed for those looking to travel to more less-visited – but incredibly interesting – countries. Iran is close by, and has become more accessible to travellers in recent years, plus other Middle Eastern countries are just a short flight away. Baku has a really well-served international airport, so you’ll be able to jump aboard a plane to most corners of the earth though. You’ll be sad when you leave though, as a gap year in Azerbaijan is something everyone will enjoy.

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