Gap Year in Armenia


Capital City Yerevan
Population: 3,000,000
Currency: Dram (Armenian dram sign.svg)
Language: Armenian
Calling Code +374

A gap year in Armenia might not be everyone’s first choice. In fact, the majority of people probably won’t even be able to locate it on a map! But this small nation – tucked between Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia – gives intrepid travellers the chance to visit a really interesting country. What’s more, you won’t be able to find too many other backpackers able to boast that they’ve been there! So, if you are travelling around the Middle East and Central Asia, Armenia should definitely be on your list of stops!

You might think that Armenia has nothing to do – a country that simply takes up space on the map, without offering anything. You’d be wrong. Sure, a gap year in Armenia probably won’t keep you entertained for months, but places such as the capital, Yerevan, and the many historical landmarks dotted throughout the country, will ensure that you’re always busy for a few weeks at least. To experience the real Armenia, make sure you head out to rural areas as well.

Forget the tourist attractions and sites though, as the people are the real stars of Armenia. You might be nervous about travelling to such an unvisited corner of the world, but the people will make you feel instantly welcome. Through years of strife and trauma – which are thankfully now all but over – they’ve retained an incredibly friendly nature, and will welcome you with open arms. You’ll feel right at home on a gap year in Armenia!

Working in Armenia

If you’re travelling to somewhere as unusual as Armenia, do you really want to work? Hopefully the answer is “no”, as there’s really not many opportunities to find paid employment there – so don’t even bother looking. You might be able to find some volunteer programmes to help out at though, and these will immerse you even further in this stunning country.

Where Next?

Armenia is at the crossroads of the Middle East, Asia and Europe, so you’ll have loads of different options for onwards travel. There’s Turkey to the west; Azerbaijan to the east; and Georgia to the north. Don’t discount heading into Iran either, which is an absolutely amazing place to visit. Of course, you could also jump on a plane and head anywhere else on earth too, as Armenia has a well-served international airport. Make sure you make the most of your gap year in Armenia before you leave though…

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