Capital City Dodoma
Population: 47,500,000
Currency: Tanzanian shilling ()
Language: Swahili, English
Calling Code: +255

If you’re looking for nature, spectacular sights, bustling cities and picturesque beaches, then a gap year in Tanzania should be right at the top of your list. What’s more, there aren’t many backpackers willing to tread this far off the beaten track – Tanzania will certainly be more unique than a gap year in Australia, Thailand or New Zealand! Africa is often overshadowed by the bigger backpacker destinations, but it is our mission to prove to you that this continent – and Tanzania especially – is well worth visiting on your gap year

If you are worried about things to do in Tanzania, there’s no need. From the world famous natural landmark of Mount Kilimanjaro – an incredibly popular climb for many visitors – through to the idyllic settings of Zanzibar, and from the exciting cityscape of Dar es Salaam through to the wandering wildlife of the Serengeti, there’s plenty to keep you more than busy. You can see these sites on your own, or as part of the many backpacker tours that operate in Tanzania, but one thing is for sure: there’s not one moment of your time here you’ll forget.

What else should you know about Tanzania? Well, there’s the fact that it is a very cheap place to travel to, making it perfect for backpackers looking for a cheap yet exciting place to travel to. It’s also a safe place to travel to, providing you take standard precautions needed when backpacking throughout the world. So, don’t just pass through Tanzania for a few days – take some time and explore it, as it’s a country with huge amounts to offer…

Working in Tanzania

If you want to work on your gap year, then Tanzania is not a good option. Even if you could find work here, the wages would be so low that it wouldn’t be worth even turning up! Instead, many people choose to volunteer and give back to the country that’s hosting them. From social projects through to wildlife programmes, there’s something to suit all tastes on a gap year in Tanzania. Volunteering can be a life-changing experience, and one that will benefit you as much as it benefits Tanzania.

Where Next?

Once you have completed your gap year in Tanzania, you should definitely head into Africa and explore more of this amazing continent. Crossing the borders over to countries like Kenya and Malawi is a really popular choice for backpackers, while flights to South Africa are also readily available. Africa is such a vast, exciting continent, so you really don’t want to head anywhere else yet, do you?

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