Gap Year in Benin


Capital City Porto-Novo
Population: 10,500,000
Currency: West African CFA franc (CFA)
Language: French, Fon, Yoruba
Calling Code +229

Benin might just be a small sliver of land in western Africa, but you’ll find a huge amount crammed into it! From stunning wildlife through to a long and storied history – Benin was the birthplace of voodoo, as well as a major hub in the slave trade – you simply won’t experience anywhere like it, anywhere in the world. What’s more, unlike some other countries in the area, Benin is welcoming to tourists, and is a safe place to visit.

The natural beauty of Benin is without doubt the star attraction for visitors, and when you visit you’ll see why. Huge amounts of wildlife can be found in the Parc National de la Pendjari (include elephants, lions and cheetahs); palm trees line miles and miles of beautiful beaches; and forests cover over 30% of the country. If you want a trip filled with spectacular sights, a gap year in Benin is definitely the choice for you!

Of course, you’ll also have to experience the culture when taking a gap year in Benin as well, and this will be a really eye-opening experience! Voodoo rituals are still common throughout the country, and every visitor should try to see one – they are found in all the main cities. The food is amazing too, and will be completely different to anything you’ve ever tasted. So, why not forget about the normal gap year locations, and plan a gap year in Benin instead?

Working in Benin

Visitors to Benin won’t find any opportunities to work, and why would they want to? After all, a gap year in Benin is a once in a lifetime experience, so why spoil it by toiling all day? There are loads of worthwhile volunteering experiences found throughout the country though, and those wanting to give something back to this amazing country should definitely consider them.

Where Next?

Benin is only a small country, but you’ll want to spend a long amount of time there! When you are finished though, there are plenty of other exciting countries to visit close-by, including Togo, Burkina Faso and Ghana. Nigeria borders Benin to the east, and is perhaps the most popular destination for those continuing to travel after finishing their gap year in Benin.

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