Gap Year in Algeria


Capital City Algiers
Population: 39,500,000
Currency: Algerian Dinar (دج)
Language: Arabic
Calling Code +213

Algeria is one of those countries most people simply don’t think about visiting. It’s true that there are some parts of the country that are no-go areas, but there are still vast swathes of land to explore – swathes of land that offer absolutely loads to backpackers wanting something a little different. You’ll find bustling North African cities, huge expanses of desert and a culture completely different to your own, meaning that every backpacker will find loads to do.

Algiers, the capital, will provide every traveller with an amazing experience. A mixture of North African and French colonial buildings combine to create a unique skyline, and the people are amazingly welcoming. Once you get out of the city though, you’ll find the real Algeria. The Saharan region is the stuff of legends, providing the kind of vistas you’ve always imagined. Most people head to Timimoun for their Saharan experience, but you might choose to head further into the wilderness if you’re adventurous…

It’s not all deserts though, as you’ll find out if you take a tour of the northern coastline. Here you’ll find stunning beaches – perfect for some well-deserved rest and relaxation – as well as bags of Roman history. And then there’s the food. It’s North African food at its best, and you’d be mad not to try it. So: Algeria – it’s somewhere different, and the perfect place for those looking to see the real North Africa

Working in Algeria

The chances of finding work in Algeria are very slim indeed – but why would you want to spend time toiling away when you could be exploring instead? There are a number of volunteering opportunities though, ranging from health programmes through to teaching English to kids. Volunteering in Algeria is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in a country and find out exactly how the people live.

Where Next?

Those on a gap year in Algeria will find loads of options open to them for onward travel. Many people will skip across the Mediterranean into southern Europe, while others will continue further into North Africa, to places like Morocco and Tunisia. There are loads of volunteering opportunities elsewhere in Africa as well, so why not head south, further into the continent?

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