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Huskies in CanadaCanada: one of the world’s last remaining wildernesses, packed full with stunning scenery and amazing wildlife. And you could be enjoying all this, while also working on a Canadian husky ranch, looking after the dogs and generally getting stuck in to all of the chores and activities! It’s not all work though, as you’ll be able to head out into the wilds with these majestic canines, as they pull you along on your sled. And while you’re bobbing along, you might even get to catch a glimpse of some of the Canadian wildlife, like moose, bison or even a bear!

You won’t spend the whole time on the ranch though, as wherever you are (there are ranches in Yukon, British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta) there are plenty of opportunities to explore and have fun. You might have the chance to go white-water rafting, skiing, snowboarding or even paint-balling in the pristine Canadian scenery! Of course, you could just spend you time marvelling at the stunning Canadian scenery though…

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  • Care for huskies, including feeding, cleaning and grooming
  • Head out dog-sledding in the Canadian wilderness
  • Go wildlife spotting in an area of outstanding beauty
  • Go skiing, snowboarding and even ride an ATV!
  • Lots of opportunities for onward travel throughout North America

As there are several different husky ranches – you will be offered the chance to choose which one you like – you’ll be instructed as to which airport you need to land in. The itinerary is pretty simply after that:

  • Get met by a representative and taken to the ranch where you’ll be staying.
  • Spend the next 12 weeks working with huskies in thee beautiful Canadian wilderness.
  • Once finished, you can then continue to explore Canada, or head elsewhere, such as the USA.

If you’d like some help working out where to head after your placement is finished, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have loads of ideas, so you are bound to love one of them!

What accommodation will I be staying in?

Volunteers will share accommodation with each other on the ranch. It is basic but comfortable, and the different ranches will have their own quirks and charms. You can ask to be sent to a certain ranch, however going there can not be guaranteed.

What is the food like?

The program provides you with 3 meals per day, which are all wholesome and designed to give you energy for the tough day’s work! While the ranches are remote, you will be able to drive to the closest town if you want to eat out somewhere.

Are flights included?

No they aren’t, due to the fact that it is best for you to have some flexibility over when you arrive and depart – most people go on to explore Canada once they’ve finished at the husky ranch. While flights aren’t provided, transport to the ranch is.

When should I arrive?

You will be given a time to arrive when you have booked the trip. Whatever this time is, you should really arrive a day before, so that you can relax before your exciting working holiday!

What should I pack?

It might sound obvious, but Canada is cold! So, make sure you pack plenty of clothes for really cold weather, including a really good jacket and a few thick jumpers. If you do forget anything though, you will be able to buy more clothes in the towns surrounding the ranch.

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