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Australian ranchIf you’ve ever wanted to explore Australia and get some paid work while there, then this is the project for you! And you won’t be working in an office or behind a bar – you’ll be out in the Outback, working on a real Australian ranch. This means you’ll be riding horses, mustering cows and taking part in any other aspect of ranch work you’re asked to. It’s a real glimpse into rural Australian life that many people never get to see – a glimpse that will provide you with some amazing memories and a pretty good suntan as well!

No experience is required for this project, as you’ll receive a week long training program on everything you need to know to work on an Australian ranch or cattle station. This includes driving farm machinery, using chainsaws and how to ride horses. It’s not all work though, as you’ll also have a week of Australian¬†activities and sightseeing, with professional and knowledgeable Aussie guides. If you’re an outdoors person, this is the perfect trip for you!

Overall experience:
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  • Work on a real Australian ranch or cattle station
  • Get training on farm work, followed by a guaranteed job offer
  • Earn money to finance the rest of your Australian gap year
  • Spend a week exploring some highlights of Australia
  • Meet other travellers and form great friendships

Once the placement is finished, most people decide that they want to stay on in Australia and do some more exploring. And why not, as there is loads of stuff to see and do in this country! Then you can hop on a plane and head for New Zealand, Thailand or anywhere else that happens to take your fancy – paid for by the money you’ve earned on the ranch, perhaps?

This trip has a truly great itinerary, and you’ll get to see some of the highlights of Australia before then getting professional training for your time on an Australian ranch or cattle station. Here’s the full itinerary below:

Week 1


On Monday you’ll meet up with your representative and get a few practical details sorted out, like your Australian bank account and tax details. Then you’ll head on out into Sydney for a walking tour, taking in places like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Then there’s a free dinner in the evening, where you can get to know all your fellow travellers.


The first thing you’ll do today is get some information on what it’s like to work in Australia, as well as handy tips on how to get around Australia as well. This is followed by a real treat: a catamaran cruise around Sydney Harbour! You can chill out or take a dip in the beautiful water – how you spend your time on the catamaran is totally up to you! Of course, drinks will be served on board as well…


Wednesday means leaving Sydney and heading to the north of the city, to a beautifully located camp. The stunning location is only 5 mins from the beach and you can spend the rest of the day exploring, before heading back to fill your stomach with plentiful supplies of pizza. Watch out for Josie the kangaroo to, who is completely tame and always up for a stroke!


This is a day for the thrill-seekers, because today you’ll hop in the 4×4 and head to the top of the sand dunes – before hen throwing yourself off them on a sandboard! After, to calm down, you’ll go on a walk through the beautiful scenery, where you’ll hopefully catch glimpses of wild koalas and whales migrating through the area (this depends on the season you visit in). Then it’s back for drinks and a BBQ – and then probably more drinks!


Today comes the highlight of the week for many people: the dolphin cruise. You can relax on deck and watch the dolphins swim by, or even ride in the boom net as dolphins swim around you! If you’re lucky, you might also see whales and turtles, which would cap off an amazing day. Then it’s back to Sydney and some time to explore the city at your own leisure.


It’s the weekend, and in Sydney that means it’s time to party! So, you’ll be able to get yourself dressed up and head out into Sydney’s famous nightlife, where you’ll visit four different bars and receive a free drink at each of them! It’s a great night for letting your hair down and seeing how the people of Sydney like to party!


Today, you’ll probably have a hangover. So you’ll go on a leisurely walk around Sydney’s cliffs, so you can clear your head and start to feel human again! On the walk, you’ll visit six different beautiful beaches and get the chance to unwind after your action-packed first week!

Week 2

Your second week begins by travelling into the Outback of New South Wales, to a farm where you’ll be going through loads of different training, to get you ready for the work ahead. It’s tough, but if you are prepared to work you’ll have a great time and learn some invaluable skills! Some of the skills you’ll learn include:

  • Tractor driving
  • Sheep shearing
  • Lassoing
  • Cattle mustering
  • Fencing

All of the training you receive will be geared towards giving you all the skills needed to help out on a real Australian ranch. Some of the jobs you could get on completion of Week 2 include:

  • General farm hand
  • Cook
  • Working with horses
  • Harvesting cotton
  • Operating farm machinery, including tractors

At the end of the week, you’ll be given help in finding the best placement for you. Remember, you are guaranteed to find a job when booking yourself onto this scheme.

Week 3 Onwards

Now you’ll be working in one of the many different jobs we’ll be able to offer you. The length of time you stay is completely depend on both you and the job offered, but you can work for up to 12 months through this project. While you’ll be away from the representatives while working on the ranch, you’ll still have in-country support if you should nee it.

What is the accommodation like?

Throughout the trip you’ll be staying in comfortable mixed-sex shared accommodation, which will have all the facilities you will need. This includes showers, laundry and internet. Of course, accommodation will vary once you accept a work placement, however all are guaranteed to be of a good standard.

Is food included in the price?

Aside from the welcome meal, food is not included during the first week. Food will be provided for the second week on the farm though. Vegetarians/vegans will be catered for, however everybody will need to be comfortable handling meat when it comes to food preparation. When it comes to the actual working time on a ranch, food is supplied on some ranches, and not on others.

How much will I earn?

Generally you should expect to earn around $200-$500 per week after tax when working on one of the ranches, which is more than enough to live on, as well as to save for your future travelling. This money will be paid directly into your Australian bank account, which is set up on the first day of the program.

Are flights included?

Flights are not included. This means that you will need to make your own way to Sydney for the start of the project, and also arrange for your own flights out of the country once the project is finished. An airport pick-up is however provided, to make your arrival in Sydney as easy as possible.

When should I arrive?

It is advisable to land in Sydney at least a day before the project starts, so that you don’t run the risk of being late. As the project starts on a Monday, this means that most people arrive in Sydney on the Sunday before. Everyone will then need to be at the rendezvous point on the Monday, at a time arranged with you before arrival.

What should I bring?

As the name of the project suggests, it involves a lot of outdoor work. This means that you’ll need plenty of outdoor clothes, including some sturdy work boots. It’s not all work and no play though, so make sure you bring clothes that are both good for sightseeing and also for partying in! Anything you forget to pack can easily be bought once you arrive in Sydney.

Overall experience:
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