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Man measuring turtle in AustraliaSee Australia like no other with this trip, as you work with ethical conservation programs while also getting out and about and see all the different sights and sounds this amazing country has to offer! The range of different conservation programs on offer is huge, so you could be looking after koalas, monitoring wildlife in remote areas or ensuring the survival of habitat by planting trees. Whatever you do, you’ll be making a massive difference to one of the world’s true gems of nature.

It’s not all work though, as after the project finishes you can head to all corners of the country, taking in places like Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef and the spectacular Kakadu National Park. Or you can head to Sydney and join up with loads of other backpackers, all intent on making their time there one non-stop party! There’s a good reason why a gap year in Australia is so popular with backpackers, so why not find out why for yourself?

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  • Help preserve the beautiful wildlife of Australia
  • Get hands-on with wildlife like koalas, kangaroos and turtles
  • Live within some of Australia’s most spectacular scenery
  • Form great friendships with fellow travellers
  • Food and accommodation included

Most people will choose to stay in Australia once this gap year experience is over, and why not? There’s so much to see and do in this country that you could spend years there and still only scratch the surface! Many also choose to extend their stay at the conservation experience, as they love it so much!

You will spend the entire duration of the experience at one of the project locations. You will be able to choose between:

  • Adelaide
  • Newcastle
  • Darwin
  • Sydney
  • Bendigo
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Townsville
  • Geelong
  • Hobart
  • Melbourne
  • Canberra
  • Cairns

It is impossible to say exactly what you’ll be doing when you get to one of the project sites, as the requirements vary depending on the time of year. Some things that might be asked of you though include tree planting, wildlife surveys, trail construction, fencing repair and erosion control. All have one thing in common though: the chance to get out into the wild and experience Australia from a completely new perspective!

This trip lasts for at least two weeks, although you can book for much longer if you want to, and you’ll work from around 8-4 every weekday, with weekends available to explore the local surroundings. You will need to be at the site office at 11am on the first day for a briefing, before going off and starting to make a real difference to Australia’s natural world…

What is the accommodation like?

Accommodation really depends on where you are based, and can range from hostels through to tents, and from caravans through to shared houses. Regardless of where you stay though, there will be everything you need and you’ll be close to the project site (either walking distance or with easy access on public transport).

Is food included in the price?

Yes, food is included in the price, however everyone will be expected to muck in and help with both the cooking and the washing up. The food will be typically Australian and there will be vegetarian options available if requested. If you want to eat out, you will be able to do at your own expense.

Are flights included?

Flights are not included, so you will need to arrange this well in advance of your gap year starting. Flights are not offered because most people want the flexibility to choose when they both arrive and leave, plus this helps to keep the project price down.

When should I arrive?

Everyone on this project will need to arrive at the regional office at 11am on the date the project starts. You will be told of the location of the office when you book. Most people choose to arrive in the town/city a couple of days prior to the project starting, so that they can relax and acclimatise.

What should I bring?

As you’ll be working outside, you will need to bring clothes that are suitable for working in, and that you don’t mind getting dirty or damaged. A good pair of boots is advisable, plus you should also bring lots of sun-cream and a good hat. If you do forget anything, remember that you’ll easily be able to buy it when you arrive Down Under. Why not take a look at our article on what to bring on a gap year for more help on packing?

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